Zeppelins Over Norfolk

Part 6

Blitz Ghosts

Blitz Ghost 1

St Peter’s Villa on St Peter’s Plain in Great Yarmouth. The original image was taken on the morning on 20th January 1915. This is the aftermath of Bomb No 4 dropped by Zeppelin L3. The owner. Mr Edward Ellis, had a very lucky escape due to the fact that he was in the rear of the property when the bomb fell. Sam Smith and Martha Taylor were not so lucky and became the first fatalities in an air raid on England in WW1.

Last year for the Centenary of the Zeppelin raids over Norfolk I posted the raid as it happened over Twitter. That used original photos and photos from the present. I have a friend called Nick Stone who is, in my opinion, an expert with all things photographic.

Nick owns a website called ‘Blitz Ghosts’ where he marries up ‘then and now’ photos of subjects such as the Baedeker Raids on Norwich in WW2 and some excellent photos of the D-Day beaches. He has also made some excellent colourised photos of the WW2 raids on Norwich.

Nick was kind enough to create some WW1 Blitz Ghosts of the raid made by Zeppelin L3 and here are four of those images. All of these images are copyrighted to Nick so if you are going to use them for anything then please ask for his permission. You can contact him via the link at the bottom of this page and that will also take you to his excellent website.

Blitz Ghost 2

A soldier of the Norfolk Regiment pointing to bomb damage on the corner of Drakes Buildings on the morning of 20th January 1915. As you can see this house still survives today.

Blitz Ghost 4

St Peter’s Plain on the morning of 20th January 1915 and the present. Edward Ellis’s house is on the left where the first group of men are stood on. The multicoloured houses on the right are where Pestell’s Buildings once stood.

Blitz Ghost 3

Men of the Norfolk Regiment stood outside the Drill Hall on the morning of 20th January 1915. They are proudly displaying the high explosive bomb that did not explode at the back of 78 Crown Road.

Nick’s website is below.



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