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Bio: I am a battlefield guide, military researcher and author of two books. I have been visiting the battlefields of WW1 and WW2 since I was 13 years old and have a passion for these subjects. I now live in Norfolk and write about the history of Norfolk in the Great War and beyond. Both of my books can be seen and purchased via the links. http://www.jarrold.co.uk/departments/books/local-books/and-they-loved-not-their-lives-unto-death-by-steve-smith http://www.jarrold.co.uk/departments/books/local-books/great-war-britain-$9-norfolk-$9-remembering-1914$91918-by-steve-smith

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  1. Hi Steve
    I read with interest your posting on the Zeppelin raid on Dereham.

    The D (Wantage) Squadron of the 1/1st Berkshire Yeomanry was billeted in Dereham between December 1914 and the sailing for Egypt of the 2nd Mounted Division in April 1915.

    I have a few photo taken of the unit mostly taken at East Barsham Manor. but not much written of their time there.

    I thought I would get in touch with yourself and perhaps Kitty to exchange information to our mutual assistance. One query to start – EDP ? East Dereham Post ?


  2. Hi Steve
    I had a bit of a senior moment in my last post Berkshire Yeomanry spent a little time in Dereham in mid August 1914.

    However I was mixing up Barsham and Dereham. Don’t know why as I spent some considerable time around Dereham on an AARC Exercise LOG LEAP I think 1998.

    Anyway do you have anything on Barsham from 1914 1915 ?


  3. I run a photo archive on facebokk called Norwich & Norfolk people photo project you might like to have a look have several ww1 photos I wondered if I could share some of your photos properly sourced of course I would not without permission, there is a short video explaining some of our ethos http://youtu.be/Py6h6z-_vsA

  4. I am interested in the Sandringham Company at Gallipoli. In a recent article you Quoted “The Sandringhams at Sulva Bay” by Dick Rayner. I can’t find this book on Amazon or Ebay. Could you give me source to purchase a copy.

  5. Hello,
    I’m currently researching a series of autograph books owned by a nurse in Camiers, and one of the entries in these books is by a Private A Barnes of the 1st Norfolk Regiment who wrote about the Christmas Truce of 1914. I sort of stumbled upon this blog and your posts regarding the Truce, but I’m wondering if you have any information at all about this Private Barnes. His service number is 9026, if that helps. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Max,

      Albert Barnes joined the 1st Battalion in France as a draft on 3rd December 1914. He went on to serve in the 2nd, 32nd and 26th Royal Fusiliers with the service number L/17453. He was medically discharged on 18th September 1919.

      There’s not much else I can find on him at the moment but I would be interested to see the entry that relates to the truce!

      Many thanks,


      • Thanks very much! I just needed a little bit of info on him to include in the exhibit I’m putting together on the autograph books. Thanks for your help! You’ll be able to read Private Barnes’ entry and others when the exhibit goes online next month at record-keeper.blogspot.com. I was thinking of also using a photo from one of your blog posts in the exhibit; everything will, of course, be cited appropriately, with a link back to your site. Would this be alright?

      • Hello again! Here is the link to the project I mentioned in my previous comment a couple of months ago! It is finally finished, and I would be honored if you would have a look at it! One of the post features a citation of your website and research, and focuses on the 1st Norfolk Regiment. Find the exhibit here: http://record-keeper.blogspot.com/

  6. good morning was very interested to see of your talk on the “Vanished Battalion” at the Forum, about 20 ?? years ago Steve Snelling very kindly gave me a copy of hand written diary from a man who was in this battalion and at Gallipoli

    • Hi John,

      My talk looks at a number of accounts of men who were there and is designed to show that men came back and refuted the version of events given by Hamilton.

      Steve is a lovely guy and we have helped each other out on numerous occasions. Who was the man who wrote the diary?



  7. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your extraordinarily comprehensive and informative blog. I have only lived in Norfolk for 5 years or so, but my maternal grandmother’s brother in law was Lt Col Henry Gielgud, and I very much appreciated your background to Cambrai in 1917 during which (as you describe) he and many others in the battalion died. My wife and I will be going over to Belgium in May, and plan to visit some of the main WW1 sites, including Cambrai, Louverval cemetery, and Ypres where the 7th Norfolks saw action

  8. Hello! I am an Archive Researcher looking for images of 5th Batallion Norfolk. Please could you let me know what is the original source for the images found on your website?

    • Hi Joanna, they are a mixture of Imperial War Museum and local images from my collection. Which ones in particular are of interest to you and is there any reason for that other than the fact that it’s for archives? Which archives are they for?



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